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Return of Event Spaces

Starting March 2nd Kobolds has opened up our event space again. Continuing with ongoing rules and regulations, mostly around the ongoing pandemic. Here are the details of what and how we are proceeding.

Event Types:

Wednesday Nights: D&D Will be taking a list for regular players and needed DMs.
Thursday Nights: Tabletop Wargames - (more limited tablespace due to war terrain in use)
Friday Nights: FMN and CCGs (please make space for all, first come first serve)
Saturday: Open
Sunday: Open
NOTE: Paid events will supersede the above. (Pre-Releases and Tournaments mostly)


For now we are starting up with scheduled time spaces in ~4 hour blocks. Weekends have shorter time blocks.
Players must be finished and cleaned up 15 minutes before their time ends, unless scheduled for multiple blocks.
You must Pre-Register/Register your participation: in person, phone call, or email, or Facebook.
Time frames for scheduling are Monday, Wednesday through Friday, 1pm till 5pm and Wednesday through Friday, 5pm till 9pm.
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 2:30pm, and 2:30pm till 6pm (3&1/2 hour blocks)

Maximum Registrants: 26

In store Mask requirements continue during gaming at tables.

Covid Pre-cautions for Gamers

Wearing a mask in store is still a requirement while gaming.
All other in store shopping requirements need to be followed as well, where applicable.
No food or Drinks will be allowed to be consumed within the store by patrons.
Gamers will have access to our washroom facilities.