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Comic Subscriptions

Here at Kobold's Corner, we offer a prepay system to all our subscribers to ensure they get the comics they desire. Every month we will take a look at what is up-coming and offer our subs the next volume to an existing series they have requested. All you need to do as a subscriber is come in at least once a month and prepay / authorize the books coming out in two months time and add or remove as desired. Those who prepay will receive a significant discount in their cover price for their books.

This Months' Order Date is February 27th, 2019 *Updated*

The Order Date is the day we have to upload our Initial Orders, and defines the transition to the new codes and pricing changes. Subs cannot guarantee a discount after this date for the Month's comics.

Comic Back Issues

Kobold's Corner maintains recent issues in our previous weeks section going back 6-8 months. Our older back issue bins are provided and maintained by Guelph the Comic Detective

Comic Listing - February 26th 2020

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