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Comic Subscriptions

Here at Kobold's Corner, we offer a prepay system to all our subscribers to ensure they get the comics they desire. Every month we will take a look at what is up-coming and offer our subs the next volume to an existing series they have requested. All you need to do as a subscriber is come in at least once a month and prepay / authorize the books coming out in two months time and add or remove as desired. Those who prepay will receive a discount in their cover price for their books.

To keep an eye on upcoming DC titles, please check out DC Connect and let us know which titles you'd like added/removed from your subscriber reservation list.

This Months' Initial Order Date for Diamond Codes is January 25th, 2024

The Initial Order Date is the day we have to upload our Initial Orders, and defines the transition to the new codes and pricing changes. Subscribers usually only have until the end of the month after that date before the prices update for the new Months incoming codes.

Comic Back Issues

Kobold's Corner maintains recent issues in our previous months section going back 6-12 months. Our older back issue bins are provided and maintained by the Comic Detective

Comic Listing ~~ January

The list below includes comics ordered specifically for subscribers as well as for our shelf. At any time, please inquire about our Subscription system.

Trade Paperback & Magazine & Manga Listing