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Khans of Tarkir



Khans of Tarkir is all about the five warring clans, and it's time to declare your allegiance.
Gather your clan mates and raise your banner together!

THE ABZAN HOUSE Abzan_color Abzan_color

The Abzan are steadfast warriors of the desert who forge strong familial bonds.
They are represented by the scale of the dragon, symbolizing the dragon's endurance.

THE JESKAI WAY Jeskai_color Jeskai_color

The Jeskai are a culture of monks and sages who follow their own enlightened paths.
They are represented by the eye of the dragon, symbolizing the dragon's cunning.

THE SULTAI BROOD Sultai_color Sultai_color

The Sultai are conniving palace-dwellers who enslave the undead.
They are represented by the fang of the dragon, symbolizing the dragon's ruthlessness.

THE MARDU HORDE Mardu_color Mardu_color

The Mardu are a fierce warrior society renowned for their skill in battle.
They are represented by the wing of the dragon, symbolizing the dragon's swiftness.

THE TEMUR FRONTIER Temur_color Temur_color

The Temur are rugged warriors and shamans who fiercely defend their wilderness.
They are represented by the claw of the dragon, symbolizing the dragon's savagery.


  • Friday September 19th @ Midnight (12pm Start)
  • Saturday and Sunday Sept 20th & 21st @ 9am and 4pm both days
  • Entry Fee : $25
  • Setup : Half Hour Registration Followed by 1 Hour for Deck Building
  • Prizes : Two Khans' Booster Packs per Entry for Prize Support


Show off your painting skills and win prizes! Register with the Kobold staff and receive your 40k or fantasy figure and paint any way you like. Points will be awarded for quality, originality, and the all important popular vote. First place receives a Dark Vengeance starter set!!

  • Entry Fee: $5.00
  • Entry Deadline: October 2
  • Paint Deadline: October 15
  • Judging by public will be from October 16 to 22 with winner announced October 23
See staff to register, receive your figure and judging criteria sheet Judging Criteria

QUALITY - Clean paint lines, no colour bleeds.

  • Clean gluing, no excess glue on the model or the base
  • More than three colours used
  • A wash or other paint effect used
  • Base painted and decorated

ORIGINALITY – Paint scheme is unique

  • Model is modified in any way
  • Model stands out in any manner

POPULAR VOTE – just what it sounds like, people will vote what is their favorite


  • You may paint your models using any paints you wish.
  • You may use anything to modify your model (i.e stickers or pieces of other models)
  • Although you may modify and paint anyway you wish you must use the model provided for the contest.
  • All models must be submitted by 10 pm October 15 and will be returned on the 23. Any model submitted after this deadline will not be eligible to be judged.

Website Launch

March 1st we launched the new website. Things are still ongoing as we continue to update and add content.