Kobold's Corner

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All New Warmachine All New Warmachine


Ancient rivalries as old as man have steeped the Iron Kingdoms in a centuries-old tradition of war, its nations locked in a continual battle for supremacy. Commanding the forces of their nations are the warcasters—elite battle-mages who possess the singular ability to command the titanic steam-powered automatons known as warjacks. Their consciousness magically linked, the warcaster and her warjacks possess the power of a small army. When leading an army, they are unstoppable.

In WARMACHINE, you will take control of a warcaster and an army of devastating warjacks and soldiers in this action-packed tabletop miniatures game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms.

All New Warmachine


Beyond the boundaries of the industrialized world, formidable factions harness the power of magic, nature, and the unnatural to vie for domination of their realms. Leading them into battle are the potent warlocks—arcane warriors who wield the power of monstrous creatures known as warbeasts. Their spirits bound together, the warlock and her warbeasts possess the power of a small army. When leading an army, they are more than a match for the mightiest forces of the Iron Kingdoms.

In HORDES, you will take control of a warlock and a horde of fierce warriors and monstrous warbeasts in this action-packed tabletop miniatures game set in the foreboding wilds of western Immoren, home of the Iron Kingdoms.


WARMACHINE and HORDES have received a face lift. We will be running 35 point games all day Sunday, July 10th from 9am until close (approximately 5pm). At 35 points you will be able to play multiple games and really get a feel for the new rules and game play.

Marvel Miniature Game


This game is a small scale skirmish level game where Superheroes and Villains face off against each other in a 3D tabletop set up. It could be a city, the Wakandan desert, the Savage Lands, the blue area of the moon or anything you like. In Marvel they fight everywhere. It is played on a 36" x 36" board so will fit on most tables without a problem.

In a game you will usually have between 4-7 characters on your team. Each of these characters act individually using their own Power to carry out different attacks and use Special Powers. Many can help or hinder each others though with boosts and actions like a Fastball Special.

The aim of the game is to win set scenarios by completing different tasks and scoring Victory Points. These could be anything from take down / save the highest Level model in the team or rescue and keep a Cosmic Relic.

Join us Thursday, June 30th at 6pm and play in a super hero vs super hero showdown.

Kobolds After Dark

Every Sunday, when the store closes up and the lights go out, the Kobold's come out to play. They summon powerful monsters to do battle and devastate entire races putting them into decline. They engage in automotive warfare, dragon hunting and mass zombie extermination. No meeple is safe from ... Meeple? Oh right, this is the night we play boardgames. Why don't you come and join us for Board Game Night. If you have a board game that is your favourite bring it in!! If not, come on in anyway as we have a descent array of games here to play. Learn a new game, or play an old favourite, either way the object is the same. To have some fun with your fellow geeks.

KOBOLDS AFTER DARK will happen this Sunday, June 26th at 6pm!!