Kobold's Corner

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Kobold's Covid Notice


We are Open on Reduced Hours and Operations.
Open Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 6pm.
No event space ( in store gaming ) for the near future.
Our new temporary hours are listed over on the right, and on our store sign by the door.

We have several requests of Covid-19 prevention to help mitigate any spread.
Limited Number of Customers in Store
Follow Spacing Guidelines, We have placed Circular Stickers at 10ft ( ~2m ) intervals from the door, heading towards the back. You will recognize them if you are familiar with Pokemon.
Wear a Protective Mask - We ask that shoppers will wear a mask. ( also, it's a health mandate for in store shopping)
If busy, we reserve the right to limit time in store to allow others to shop.
While this shouldn't be an issue, we are trying to be proactive.

Thank you and welcome back.

Kobold's Corner