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Yes, you read it correctly. For the first time, due to a screw up in registration, Kobold's Corner will be unable to hold the latest MTG pre-release for Kaladesh. We are not receiving any kits unfortunately and have no way of running the event. This does not affect us for the Launch next weekend, nor will it affect the purchase of product here when it comes out.

We at Kobold's Corner apologize for any inconvenience and assure you that the next pre-release will be available!!

  • Date: September 24 & 25

Kobolds After Dark

Every Sunday, when the store closes up and the lights go out, the Kobold's come out to play. They summon powerful monsters to do battle and devastate entire races putting them into decline. They engage in automotive warfare, dragon hunting and mass zombie extermination. No meeple is safe from ... Meeple? Oh right, this is the night we play boardgames. Why don't you come and join us for Board Game Night. If you have a board game that is your favourite bring it in!! If not, come on in anyway as we have a descent array of games here to play. Learn a new game, or play an old favourite, either way the object is the same. To have some fun with your fellow geeks.

KOBOLDS AFTER DARK will happen this Sunday, September 11th at 6pm!!